I have a stack of blank CDs and I put a wired pickguard on top of it for a few days just cause. Now when I try to burn a CD, my comp acts like there is nothing in the drive (it spins around, but doesn't respond).

So are the magnets in the pickups powerful enough to mess up those CDs? Or is it my computer?
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My computer does the same thing but its a problem with the computer itself, it won't detect the CDs in the burner drive.
possible...maybe...I don't think that the metal thats used in cds is magnetic though. Isn't it just aluminum? I'd try using a different cd, one that wasn't in that stack before deaming pickups the problem. Actualy I don't think that's the problem, because I think the info is burnt into the plastic not the shiny stuff, as long as it's still reflecting it shouldn't be a problem. I'd say it's probably the compy.