Got my guitar in it and now I dont have anything else to play. Got kinda sick of playing System. Anyone have any ideas? Thanx in advance.
Wrong forum.
This should be in the Electric Guitar Forum. You'll probably get better answers there anyway.
Children Of Bodom
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Im going with the As I Lay Dying. Thanks. Never heard of Akercocke. Is that a bad thing?
as blood runs black
some deftones (change(in the house of flies))
black label society
three days grace
I have it on my acoustic. I like playing unplugged. It's pretty raw. No likey knobs and such. Too much technical stuph.
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Cannibal Corpse

In Flames?

are you just guessing?!
I doubt CC is drop c
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Wrong forum.
This should be in the Electric Guitar Forum. You'll probably get better answers there anyway.

yeah, because all drop C songs are on electric guitar..

try the guitar basics forum
You should just play any song in drop tuning, whether it's C or D. I tune my guitar to C standard but I dont limit myself to only songs in C, I play ANY song that's in a standard tuning.
Not all. Most are. I just want to do something different. IS IT SO WRONG TO FEEL? Hah.
In Flames is Drop A/A# I think...

Train Of Thought mostly uses C standard (Dream Theater).
Bullet for my Valentine, As Blood Runs Black, Job For A Cowboy
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hah youre like i used to be.
all i wanted to do was play system and typical stuff i thought was cool or hard. PFF YEAH RIGHT! THAT PASSED (fortunately)

well anyways,
using Drop C, you can play a variety of bands.
basically everything that everyone else said
LaLaLa ZoomZoomZoom
In Flames is Drop B thanks.

Here's a list off the top of my head:

Killswitch Engage
As I Lay Dying
Children Of Bodom
The Black Dahlia Murder
Cradle Of Filth
Escape The Fate
Divine Heresy
Static-X (I think)

yeah, enjoy.
I just wonder why you're down-tuning an acoustic to play metal

and you shouldn't be sick of System unless you can nail the Lonely Day solo