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So have you guys heard about this new phone from verizon? Theres no doubt that it was made to be competition for the iPhone, but i think it looks pretty nifty. Along with a touch screen, it also has a full keyboard which i thought was pretty cool as well.

Oh well, i just thought id share with anyone who was interested.

Heres a vid if anyone wants to watch Voyager Review
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sweet. id have no idea how to work it though.
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Hells yes! I really want that phone but the $300 price tag is a little much, plus its not compatible with my current contract so not only would I have to fork over 300+ dollars I would also have to get a more expensive contract, so maybe Ill wait till its cheaper. Its no iphone but pretty still pretty nice.
This is evidence that i use the search bar. ha

I cant see the video from my school computers (they dont have flash).

I have a family plan (2500 min between my dad, brother and I) Can i still get it? It is under Cell Phones and not smart Phones. I dont see an unlimited txt msg included with it. That is extra?

Anybody knows the whole deal? I dont wanna call verizon cause duh! they will lie and try to sell it to me.