ok, ive read some reviews on GH3 and i have some questions that need answering before i go out and buy it.
1. Ive read that the online play is kind of unreliable,( XBOX 360 ) like it not being able to connect you to a player or not finding a player at all. SO is Live not very good?
2. Is the Les Paul controller really crappy? ive read that its very unresponsive because of the detachable neck, and the buttons being sharp on the corners
1. Its not very reliable as far as I have seen (I don't own the game, but all my friends do)
2. I think the controllers fine..
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all my friends say the x-box live thing is really good they play people all the time, and ive played with the lespaul controller and its amazing i love it
I've had a problem with the les paul. When I hold down green and red and strum down, it hammers on to yellow automatically. I usually use the x-plorer anyway.
I usually don't have much luck when i try to connect to a game on xbox live, but when I create a match I usually get an opponent within 5 minutes.