your scream makes me think of like evil gremlins or something lol.
but its good
Happiness is like peeing your pants

everyone can see it but only you can feel its warmth
i like it!! btw.. what part of ontario do you live in?

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Vocals are way to loud. I can barely hear anything else so I really can't tell if it's that's great. And I don't like the way you recorded the vocals, the input volume is too loud or something and you might have used a bad mic or something.
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the fight club thing in the beginning sounds so cool, but the scream feels to early. the recording quality is bad (it sounds like you're raping the microphone), and i don't really like the screaming. i like the instrumentals though
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i used a shure sm-58, which is a pretty good mic...
i didn't record the vocals my friend did it for me, like he did all the volumes and stuff i just screamed. he's not exactly the best at it i guess aha.

and punkrocklite i live in a small town called "stirling" which is near belleville, which you probaby have never heard of. ahahaha.
i also don't know if this has anything to do with it, but i'm only 15... and just started screaming like a month ago.
i'm still trying to work on getting a better scream, so thats probably why it sucks.