I'm tuned and everything, but it still doesn't sound right. Its not as edgy or <i>brutal</i> if you may, as in the song. I know there is multiple guitars, but the single parts don't sound right. Are there tone/bass etc. settings I need to tweak to get it right?

My guitar currently has about 8 month old strings on it, but I haven't been playing a lot. I plan to change them soon anyways.
It might be the strings even if you have played them or not 8 months is a balls load of time.
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i just max out all my knobs, tone, distortion, etc.
now i just have to play it right.
the tuning can be tricky, make sure you have that.
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check your intonation
I know I'm tuned right. Everything sounds right, except this part:

Rhythm fill 1a
C ||------------------------|
G ||------------------------|
Bb||-----------7h8p7p5----| X4
F ||-------7---------------8-7|
C ||-5-5---5---------------|

Tabs a little warped but thats basically how it looks. Anyways, when I play it, it sounds off.