hey my ipdo is now displaying a rewind sign in the upper left hand corner of the screen were the play symbol goes if you dot know what a rewind symbol is its two little traingles right next to each other pointing left. It hasnt affected my ipod but its really bugging me so far all i have doe is played songs, re-set my ipod and re-synced it. Help would be great
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1. Get a box
2. Cut a hole in the box
3. Put your junk in the box
4. Have her open the box*

*note: I know this is unrelated. My actual opinion is that you throw it away and get a different brand.
I had the same thing once... I just ignored it and one day it was gone. *shrugs shoulders* I guess just hang in there.... If it doesn't fix itself ask a technician.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

Ignore it or you can format if you really want it gone...


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Ya I have the same thing right now. My friend had it and he says it went away after a day or two.
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