Hey guys. I work with autistic & developmentally disabled people as a music therapist. I work with groups of around 10 people and we play drums, sing songs, etc.) Instead of always playing my accoustic guitar for them, I thought it would be a fun/cool change of place to play my electric for them because it gives me the opportunity to play some cool effects,...delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, and other cool sounds. I'm looking for a little amp (15watts max) with lot's of effects. Here is my question: What I really want to know is which amp is of good quality. I don't want to buy a piece of sh*t. Any suggestions?
I'm personally not a fan of smaller sized amps, but I'd say one of those Crates. My friend got one a few months ago and it has a good bit of effects pre-built.
i got the vox portable amp has alot more effects then the roland cube has a lot of distortion settings and the eefects can be combined so ye the vox is the ****
Microcube all the way, the Vox DA5 is good too...there's nothing else worth even considering.
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the cube would be nice. and its in 15 watts also, a big plus. its also built like a mini tank lol...
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The Cube 15x or whatever isn't that good compared to the others (or so I've read, it's older or something). But 30x would be great, not sure about 20x (if there even is one).
I also worked in your field. God bless you. A Cube would be perfect, but as you know some autistic clients may be upset by volume or strange sounds, so be careful.
In general, the Cube gets the nod for heavy metal, and the Vox Valvetronix amps get the nod for everything else. I'd suggest the Vox AD15VT for you. In fact, if you have the opportunity to take your students outside, you might be able to put their DA15 to use: it has optional an battery power supply. Helps make for a nice day under a tree.
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Thanks a lot guys. It is time to go to the Guitar center and try both and see which one I like. I'm finding better ratings for the Roland. Any reason why?
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Thanks a lot guys. It is time to go to the Guitar center and try both and see which one I like. I'm finding better ratings for the Roland. Any reason why?

People on the internet are usually unstable adolescents who have a strange love for metalcore "music". That's why the Microcube gets the ratings (it's a good practice amp for metal)
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From your explanation, the Vox seems like a much better fit for you than the Roland would be. It doesn't sound like you'll be playing metal, which is where the Roland is slightly better than the Vox (imo). But the Vox will give you a better sounding tone in the clean/light distorted tones than the Cube will and has a lot more options for effects and mixing/editing them.
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