[U]Verse 1Psychotic warfare
Has left you destroyed
You beg for mercy
A useless ploy
This mind**** has left you broken
Death awaits you at every turn
Nothing saves you from this fate
Grotesque images burn
Living in false reality
A shattered soul for all to see
Verse 2
Buried in confusion
Just a shadow
A quick death the solution
You've been turned into a joke
Locking yourself in a sanctuary
Broken is all you'll ever be
The walls of sanity destroyed
Your worst nightmares run free
The gun feels cold in your hand
Writing your suicide note
Hope your loved ones understand
Never thought it would come to this
Nice one dude, the end doesnt feel right though, maybe polish that a little more. I want you to critique my poetry if yu dont mind, im gonna post it soon.
Good lyrics. Just looking at them, they dont seem to have a solid rythme. But what do I know. I didnt hear the guitar/drums ect.