My Faceless Love

Im standing here with you,
looking down at my one love.
(he's gonna be alright babe)

He lays there on the bed,
with no emotion on his face,
and no life in his body.
(Don't cry, we'll come back later)

Turn around, lose the sight.
Turn your back on the fright.
Its not okay, Its not alright.
I can't deal with this tonight.
(He'll be awake when we come back)

I really need to get away from here,
My one and only,
for you I choke back a tear.
My sweetest dear you're so scary,
what was done cannot be changed.
(There was nothing they could do)

And before I tear my gaze away,
I see that you aren't who you used to be.
Flesh and bone and soul,
I cannot bear to look at you.
Once you had a face,
But now you remind me of the past
and I realise you wont last.....
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not bad, but i thought parts of it sounded a bit emo. that's only my opinion, though.
Read the rules. Then repost. No double posting either, you have an EDIT button right there.

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