i would go for at least under 75% of the list price.
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unmodified? pay a max of $125 incl shipping. You could get a new one for about that price.
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do you think its a good beginning amp? i mean i heard it being played, and there doesn't seem to be many different sounds from the amp itself. i want to play blues and classic rock though, and the sound does match up.
That plus a tube screamer pedal is perfect for blues and classic rock. I think its a great beginner amp, I really wish I started with something like an EVJ but I had to make due with a really frustrating Mashall MG. I use my Valve Junior all the time, I also have a Roland Cube 60 which I mostly use for a little heavier distortion or for effects because it has everything built in.
Personally I love my Tube Screamer and I think its well worth the money. I hear GREAT things about the Bad Monkey though. I havnt tried one out so its all what I have heard and Im just recycling information, but if it is as good as people say then its a great budget pedal. I dont know too much about the Boss pedal though, sorry.
do you think anyone would want to trade boss ds-1 for a bad monkey? i am not asking anyone to, but is that a fair deal?
Well the Bad Monkey is about $20 more than the DS-1 So I dont think anyone would really trade them straight up. Plus I cant really see any reason for anyone getting rid of a badmonkey to get a ds-1. You could sell it on craiglist/ebay though and put the money to a bad monkey.