Can anybody tell me where to start.I want to start writing lyrics and poems and other stuff too but I dont know a thing about any of them.I hated poetry and therefore I never learned.Dont have a very big vocabulary.I just dont know where to start. I got inspired to start writing a few days ago.I need advice.
start with whatever your inspiration is. if you are inspired and come up with some good lyrics start there and base everything off of that. carry a pencil and paper with you all the time because inspiration can hit at random times and you can forget easily. lyrics that people can relate too is a good way to start.
Ive tried writing some stuff but I cant find the right words.plus im totally new to this.What are the thigs I need to learn first.
... i guess it's not so much about learning, it's about experience! The only thing you've got to do is just to do it. Go write down lines that are special to you, write down just what you are thinking in situations that are special. Of course you won't put down a perfect piece with the fist shot, but you'll put down you thoughts and that's worth a lot. Try to arrange them, try to find the important ones and leave out the rest. Then you try to transform it into a poem, a chorus or whatever you want. Don't crash your head over rythm, rhyme and other things, this will develop on it's own, you just have to keep writing. It doesn't have to be perfect, so just keep trying ...
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