what's this chord called?


at first i was just trying to think up an unnameable chord that's hell on the hands, but then i thought it sounded pretty cool and wanta try to fit it in a song, but i'm not sure what scale... maybe the fourth mode of the Bm blues scale? (whatever you call that...)

idk.... mostly I'm just bored, but whoever helps me gets a big friendly e-manhug
I guess you'd call it... Esus2b9? I don't know.

As for the scale, it would probably best fit into E Aeolian or Phrygian.
Damn, that sounds cool!
Esus2b9 sounds about right to me, but as far as the scale, wouldn't that F in the chord clash with E Aeolian?, and then the F# would clash with E Phrygian, which is why i was thinking maybe the equivalent of the of E Lydian, but based off of the blues scale... if there's such a thing... and whatever it would be called

e-manhugs for the name, and some for the guy who said it sounds cool
Computers tend to be a hell of a lot better at this stuff.

Eadd9, Fdim7,

E R m2 2 5
F R m2 5* 7
F# R 4 m7 7
B R 4 5* 5

It's not going to fit in the major scale because you have two half steps in a row, and the major scale only has single half steps. Your right that it would some sort of blues scale.

This site has a nice interface for looking at scales this way http://www.geocities.com/scaleopia/7notes.html and you may be able to match up some exotic scales. For example Chromatic Mixolydian works right off the bat for the key of B. I'd try Arabic or Gypsy, both have two half steps in a row. For modes its a bit trickier and you'll have to figure out how you want to do that on your own.

Personally, I'm writing some software to make stuff like this really easy for me. It's such a pain in the ass to have to search through stuff and harmonize scales by hand when I should be able to just click a few notes on a fretboard or type in the notes I want and viola, get all the info I want. But I"m lazy and a sole developer so it'll probably be at least a year...

hope I helped, I'll pass on the manhug.
Yeah, I know it can't fit into any one mode of the major scale. But a dissonant chord like that usually sounds best in a minor mode. I'd say just experiment with it until you find a context in which it sounds good.
I think this is considered an "exotic scale" because it's not major or minor and is a non-western scale. It's an F enigmatic scale and here it is on the fretboard: http://jguitar.com/scale/F/Enigmatic . I'm not near my guitar and I can't think of how it sounds so I'm not sure if it's too weird or not but it fits with all of the notes: F F# A B C# D# E

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