Is the Danelectro Dte-1 Reel echo ground effect machine any good? Have you used one and recommend it?

And what kind of delay pedals are cheap, but do the job good enughe?

I try to stay away from Dan Electro pedals. Plastic, cheap, don't like the small button switches...I have a Rocky Road, had to modify the thing because it had a major electronic glitch right out of the box, and they still marketed the thing. and it doesn't do what it's supposed to do, doesn't sound even remotely like a Leslie speaker, makes a better chorus/flanger than anything else. Once modified to ge trid of the horrible and really loud distortion on attack, it does ok but the switches are too small, too close together and hard to activate.

The onmly delay pedal I've used is my Arion SAD1, Analog Delay which is well over 20 years old, I've been using it that long and got it used. It still works perfect and does a very good job, I'll grab another one as a back up if I ever find one...

Check out Boss and MXR, both seem to make a good delay pedal, the Boss has a good reputation. If you're looking for less expensive, check pawn shops, they often have effects at decent prices. Ebay might be worth a look, but most of the time when I see decent effects on ebay the end prices look like you might as well go buy a new one locally after you pay for shipping...I looked for a Ibanez SD9 distortion when mine went flaky, the only two I could find started at $80 US...I had looked at new Maxon pedals not long before that were only $20-30 more...I saw a lot of pedals starting near or over $100, which is not far from the prices I can get locally.

So take a 9V battery with you just in case and check out pawn shops. I passed up a Cry Baby Wah a couple of years ago, like a dummy, for $40...I'm still kicking myself...also check online ads, and your local newspaper, you never know what will show up. If you have any flea markets near you, go take a look, I sold my ProCo Rat at a flea market in Houston, I didn't like it because it was too trebly, somebody got a real deal, $20...
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
the reel echo is supposed to be really good...and danelectro does not make only crappy pedals^

mike einziger from incubus uses it...

whats your budget though

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