Hey guys, recording is new to me, but I've been reading a lot of stuff on the forums. I would say i got the right idea of what to get, but im just seeking a second opinion for my mobile recording set-up. I've decided mac over pc for now, but will be getting pc later on. The interface i am looking to buy is the M-Audio Mobilepre USB. Recording software will be the one and only Pro tools.

Okay so heres how it looks

-a Macbook with 2 gig of ram with 2.2Ghz intel core 2 duo and 120gb hard drive

- M-Audio Mobile pre USB for the interface Link

- Pro tools Ozone Academic kit Link

Oh and I dont know what kind of mic i should get yet, but it will be a condenser mic around $100 bucks. If all else fails, ill jus get this one

Any reply would be appreciated
ohh no...u....went.....mac........no hope now......
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I'd like to know why you feel the need for the Mobile Pre when the Ozone has a 24-bit/96kHz interface and a built-in preamp?
I guess because ive been seeing a lot of bad reviews for the keyboard, that the mobilepre would be a good enough alt to back it up. Plus pro tools. Aside from that iuno actually...should i just get the mobilepre, buy pro tools separate, and call it safe or the pro tools and ozone kit?

<edit> Scratch that, i just found a protools w/ mobilepre kit link
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ohh no...u....went.....mac........no hope now......

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