The song Im working on has a capo on the 5th fret.
So the song goes like this C(g-shape chord) - Gm (Dm shape) - Dm (Am shape) F(c-shape). that gets repeated three times but on the last time i play an Emaj7 (which would make it Amaj7 i think) shape instead of the F.

For some reason I cant think music theory right now, so someone please help me, I will say how my other part goes but pretend its with the capo at the 5th so an F would be an A#.


please help im trying to write a solo for this song but ahh im lost lol.
sounds to me like youre song is in D minor and as far as when you play the e major7 shape (a major7) its just out of scale but im definitely not saying take it out its tottally fine to keep, however youre solo should be in D minor or f major seeing as their both all the same notes
well now that I've got some sleep I'll try to explain it in a clearer fashion.

So I pretty much play

G-Dm-Am-C X3
G-Dm-Am-Em7 (which creates tension towards a Cmaj resolution, which is the next part of the song)

C-E-F X3
C-Am7 (which creates tension for the G resolution, which takes us back to the first part)

I would pretty much be soloing over C-E-F quarter note strums and end in a Gm7.

If someone could please figure out thise key, I can just move the key 5 half-steps since the whole song has a 5th fret capo. Thanks!
of course it's D minor/ F major (played with capo)
A minor/ C major without capo
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It's D Minor and D Harmonic Minor. The C# in the A major chord is the Harmonic Minor element.
yay never mind i figured I can blast G-dorian through the solo. WOOHO! I finally learned how modes work earlier today, it a great feeling.