i have to plane hop from nyc to calgary, then from calgary to vancouver with my new acoustic guitar. people suggest that i bring it as a carry-on, but im scared that they wont have room and i will be forced to check in my guitar in just the gig bag.

any safe travelling tips for me and my guitar??

thank you!
Considered FedEx? no kidding it may be safer
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I've checked it and it was fine. Don't worry about it, just pad it. What I did is stuff the inside with t-shirts to make it more dense. Just a tip!
your are allowed to carry on musical instruments. It says it in the airport. Only 1 per person though.
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loosen the strings is all the advice I can give, I knew a guy that didn't loosen the strings on his guitar before a flight, and the neck snapped off the body.
definitely loosen the strings before flying, also take it as a carry on ive been flying a couple times one of which i had considered taking my guitar on so i paid attention and with the room on the plane and the way my bag came out of the chute thing on the ground i definitely would suugest taking it on the plane