Here's the deal. I want to record an arrangement of Bach's Concerto for two Violins in D minor, playing all the separate parts (violin, viola, cello...) on the guitar. However I am wondering about the legality of the matter copyright-wise. If it were the Original Bach, it probably wouldn't be a problem, but I based my arrangement off of another arrangement of the Concerto that is copyrighted. I shouldn't say based though, because I'm playing the score basically note for note, but all on guitars(which is kind of an arrangement). Do you think I could run into problems?

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All that stuff is public domain. The length of copyright on music (which was started only about 100 years ago) is Life + 50 years in America and Life + 75 in Canada.
I think just recording it yourself, without releasing it isn't going to be a problem..
So you think its fine even if the arrangement I'm playing from was copyrighted in like 1973? I do plan on releasing it on an album eventually.

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