Yeah hi. So anyway ive been playing for almost 6 years and I have a noobcake (delicious) question.

Often on my guitars the harmonics seem to go out. Im talking about the 12th fret and upwards (usually). If I play an open string and then play its 12th fret harmonic, it will often be slightly off. Any ways to stop this hore**** from happening?
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intonation? i dont know what it means but someone asked a similar question once and someone said intonation
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Yeah, just adjust your intonation.

If you don't know how take it to a tech, he'll know how.

And byw, you're guitar would need to have adjustable bridge saddles to fix the intonation.
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yes intonation.could happen due to switch of guges or just.. idk something else. depending on the guitar you have look up how to intonate your guitar. its not hard .. usually requires a small flathead screwdriver. when intonations off it means the venter point between the bridge and the nut is off.. so you need to adjust the legnth of the string adn shorten or lengthen depending on whether the present harmonic is higher or lower than the fretted note.
That happened to me when i had dirty strings. if they're dirty then wipe them or change them. Intonation is hard to explain (well someone else will probably find it easy to explain!) but if you adjust the little things on your bridge that the strings sit on then you can get the harmonics right. i've forgotten what they're called, sorry! because they can be adjusted slightly it makes the strings slightly longer or shorter, meaning the notes can be slightly off! so it's either the strings or the little things on the bridge. (i know they have a name!)

that was my attempt at a technical explanation i'm tired sorry!
everbody pretty much got everything but to know whether you need to tighten or loosen the string you can plug into a tuner and play the open then the harmonic it will tell you whether youre flat or sharp