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well my sis, but famous musicians they would be SRV and Jimi Hendrix
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Originaly BucketHead, my good friend who also played guitar was the one who ultimately convinced me to start really playing.
Lol, I'm better than him now..
My friend incouraged me to pick up a guitar. My guitar teacher incouraged me to keep at it. John Fruciante inspired me to put some soul into it...
a mate of mine, he taught himself everything by ear.
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At first it was the normal cliche choices like Kurt Cobain and the such, they inspired me to pick it up. It was artists like; Claudio Sanchez, Omar Rodriegaz-Lopez, the guy from Thrice (I know his name, I just don't want to butcher it by spelling it wrong), Thomas Erak, Michael Eisner, and a few more that made me stick to it.
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i dont care how weird this is, but actually, george harrison.

after listening to the solo in let it be, that when i started to play, and i know it might not be a great solo, but i love it
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A friend got me to pick up my first guitar. But after I got into it, for me it was the late Stevie Ray Vaughan (By that token, Jimi Hendrix), B.B. King, Albert King, and a guy I saw live at a blues festival by the name of Albert Cummings.
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Not sure who started me off in the first place, but it was Peter Green's solo in 'Need Your Love So Bad' that turned me into a blues player...

and a guy I saw live at a blues festival by the name of Albert Cummings, someone else has actually heard of him!
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My dad is the one who initially got me to play.

But who kept me going? I'd say mainly Luca Turilli and Alexi Laiho. And for a brief period of time I was all about Zakk Wylde. Although I realize now that I like EVH so much more.
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I've always loved guitars since i was very little, i've been raised with rock, blues and funk from my parents and siblings. Stuff like The Beatles, Level 42, Clapton, BB King and stuff like that.. but for no apparent reason, i dind't get a guitar 'til i was 16, but i've been playing everyday since.
I got it for christmas, and i also got the sheet music for Maroon 5's first album, and i just learned it... i learned all the lead stuff by ear and by watching how they did it on videos.
originally Billy Gibbons (10 years ago when I started playing) Who got me playing again was John Frusciante
Hell I don't know. I guess I listened to music and I thought..."Hey...I'd like to make that sound"
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Kurt Cobain inspired me
When you hear someone sing, you think sure i can sing the same notes as they do, but i'll never sound just like them.

The first time i heard someone play smells like teen spirit, it was perfect, identical, same tone, same timbre, EVERYTHING.. so that inspired me
I've no friends that plays any instruments, except my dad who have been playing harmonica for a LONG time, he also bought me into the music I listen to today. Anyhow, I wanted to start play bass, because at that time I was dreaming of becoming as good as Flea one day, hell, I was just about to buy a bass.

Anyway, at that period of time I also began to discover alot of new music like Jimi Hendrix, and I thought that the sound he made out of his guitar was simply the best I've ever heard at that time. So it was mainly he who made me wanna play bass. Even though I play mostly John Frusciante stuffs now days.
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I'd like to say, the "riffguy" from youtube, my cousin Randy Du, and Jimmy Page. Angus Young influenced me later on.
Steve Vai is my biggest influence and lately John Petrucci have inspired me alot and i forgot Pat Metheny!! very special Jazz guitarist IMO.
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My uncle got me into it, he caught me banging on his Silvertone acoustic when I was 5 (1960) and said "If you want to play it, play it right." I told him I didn't know how. He said he'd teach me so he did. about a half hour later I could play 3 chords and was learning "Little Brown Jug". He and his brother taught me a couple more chords every time we went to the grandparents' house, now 47 years later I have 11 guitars, (two in need of major repair), 5 amps, 2 saxes, a flute, a clarinet, 2 xylophones, a Wurlitzer electric piano, an antique mandolin, a ukelele half rebuilt and a serious case of Guitar Acquisition Syndrome...

Influences...other than the two uncles who taught me, there's a long list, but the primary ones were Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Mike Nesmith, Duane Allman, Johnny Winter, David Gilmour, George Harrison and Joe Walsh.

Someone said previously it might be weird that George Harrison was a major influence...I really don't think so, Harrison was one of the greatest, he had the uncanny ability to play leads that sounded like they just grew there, the only person I can think of that can do that as well is David Gilmour. Everything both of them do sounds like it's perfect for the it just grew there...Mark Knopfler can come close, Jeff Beck too, and Elliot Easton of the Cars, but Harrison and Gilmour top them all.
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jade puget in the late 90s when the art of drowning and sing the sorrow came out, now he sucks....
idk who inspires me now...but i inspired one kid in 8th grade
Jimi Hendrix. My cousin let me borrow Electric ladyland, Iand I was hooked.


My father. He could play any instrument and encouraged me to learn. After him Jimi and Eric.
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i dont care how weird this is, but actually, george harrison.

after listening to the solo in let it be, that when i started to play, and i know it might not be a great solo, but i love it

Nothing wrong with that, he is great.
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Steve Vai is my biggest influence and lately John Petrucci have inspired me alot

+1 They first inspired me to play too, and when I started to get more technical they inspired me to play better.

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i had always loved metal, but was never into playing guitar. then i got into trivium and all of a sudden i couldn't stop playing guitar...i still haven't stopped. started off with blink 182, moved up to bullet for my valentine, then metallica, then trivium, now anything. it's been 9 months and i'm already soloing .
SRV, Clapton, Page, Jimi
I dunno, basically all good rock/blues guitarists inspired me in one way or another, but SRV has been my biggest influence.
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Satch Vai and metallica, tho they arent really y i started, they just showed me wot can be done
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