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11 20%
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Voters: 55.
in your personal opinion, in a band with 2 guitarists, if they do a solo live that has a 2 guitar harmony, do u prefer if they leave the harmony out and keep one guitar doing rhythm, or do u prefer if they do the 2 lead guitars and leave the rhythm out?
personally i prefer lead/rhythm because it keeps the fullness of the song, whereas lead/lead sounds empty.
I prefer a mix of the two. But if I were to pick one, I guess lead/rhythm because good rhythm just sounds so kickass.
I always like one to keep the harmony and the other solo's. Then vice versa..
I agree, lead/rhythm completes a song whereas lead/lead is empty as samlocke said.
! good rhythm that punches you in the face makes all the difference, than deep into a good sonic pummeling, the lead/rhythm guitarist busts into a searing solo and you hit pure bliss!
Rhythm/lead for fast solos,lead/lead for slow solos with the kinda feel
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i don't really know which i prefer, i like dual lead, but i also like to have a backing rhythm. maybe i should be in a band with 3 guitarists lol.
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it depepnds on how good the bassline and how good the bassist is! a good bassist can gill the gap behind the solo!
but if the bassline doesnt cut it,i'd say i prefer lead/rhythm
Lead/Lead, it looks and sounds very cool.

If both your guitarists can lead, one can solo while the other can rhythm, and they can both solo, where as if your rhythm guitarist cant lead, you've taken away an option.

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That depends on what kind of bass is in the song.

+1 If the bass can keep the rhythm up then pure harmony, but if not lead-rhythm.

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It depends if the harmony is what makes the solo sound good, if it isnt too important, then lead/rythym, but if its alot more important and is basically the only thing that the solo has going for it, then lead/lead and let the bassist keep the rhythm line.
Depends on the song. I love my harmonies, and usually a good bassist can keep the fullness there.

However, in recordings, I always tend to have 3 guitar parts