I wanted to get a compressor to clarify my lead playing in metal, but i was wondering if it was absolutely neccesary.

If it is, Dyna or Super Comp?
Sigs are too hard to think up
i guess i didn't really state my point clearly. I meant that i want it to make my playing more noticable and sing out.
Sigs are too hard to think up
yep ive got an eq, so overall do you guys think that compressors aren't needed much in metal?
Sigs are too hard to think up
if you play metal (i see you like a7x... so any genre close to their) you probably won't need a compressor for your leds.

the compressor might help you in your cleans if you use any (i think that's where a7x use the compressor)
i think its another of those matters of preference, if you like to have some compression in your sound then its up to you
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