ok guys im gettin what sounds like fret buzz but my action is fine and my neck is fine could a slight lowering in string gauge (cant think of how to spell it atm) cause this only happened wen i changed my strings and the d string was a slightly lower gauge than the stock strings and the strings i always used to use were. it only really happens on the first few frets and the open string so is a change in strings in order? to remedy the problem its ****ting me up the wall so if ya can help please do

please help guys
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The problem is probably your nut.
The holes the old strings made there are too big for your new ones, thats why they make a buzzing sound when played.
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It could be that Gal, but I recently changed my BEADG to EADGC, and considering I went down an average of .20 on each string, I'm not noticing any significant buzz. I'm putting my money on a technique issue. Make sure to press down quite hard onto the string, and make sure to fret right on the edge of the fret. If that still doesn't help it I'm not really sure what's up. Maybe try slightly raising the action again.