I found this Jackson at my local shop and I loved it. its a 7 string, with Duncan Designed HB-7's in it. Has a licensed Floyd Rose on it, and has the shark fin inlays, the big pie looking things. Body looks like a dinky, I just can't find what model/series it is to look at online, i was gonna see if i was getting a decent price. The shop owner said it was like custom build and that it was one of a kind, but i was thinking "yeah right, hes just trying to get some money".

Anyone think they can find this out for me or find something like it? Also if i was to get a set of EMGs to put in it, would i have to get a 7 string version of the pickup?

It's 475 dollars btw, tell me what you think about that price, I wanna know how much its really worth.

I think that's a good price, and if you were to install EMGs you'd need to install EMG 707s - the 7-string equivalent of EMGs
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Are the Emg 707s as good as the regular ones? It says its not a direct replacement of a humbucking pickup.
That's because they have a different kind of enclosure. You would need to do some routing probably to make them fit.
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Are the Emg 707s as good as the regular ones? It says its not a direct replacement of a humbucking pickup.

They are similiar to the EMG 85. However, they are housed in bass housings so you'd have to cut out the pickup routes a bit. If you want active pickups, the Seymour Duncan 7 string pickups(blackouts) in a normal housing are coming out soon. The 6 string versions of the blackouts are getting really good reviews.

As for what guitar it is, it sounds like its a COW7 thats been modded for a floyd. I have a feeling its a second hand guitar though. The duncan designed haven't been featured on anything but Schecter 7s. The previous owner pobably replaced the COW parts with something of a Schecter C7-FR or something like that
Or it could be jackson star
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you could put in dual 707'S or you could do what alot of people are choosing atm and thats to put an 81-7 in the bridge and keep the 707 in the neck.

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Be careful of the LFR, all LFR's are renowned for crapping out after a year or so, so a replacement OFR might be in order if you are a trem abuser. As for the Emg's first of prepare to fork out for the actual pickups and the cost of a routing job, in my opinion it might be worth looking at some passives.

Try and find out some specs like serial no. Country of origin and the body wood, as some pickups react differently in different woods. What im thinking you have got there is just a Jackson DK-7 or w/e its called (basic 7 string dinky model, nothing fancy), that has been routed for a floyd trem....it doesnt match the criteria of a COW model unfortunately.
If not, just pay a little bit more and get the Jackson DK-7. A LFR can be pretty tricky at times to.
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Sounds like a DX7, though the trem is throwing me. Possibly a limited dealer-exclusive DX7 run. Not custom though $475 is too much, as the non trem ones go for like $200-$250 all day on ebay. That said, the only 7 string Jackson makes now is the C.O.W., and they cost a lot more. I would get him down to $300 on it. If not walk and just get one on ebay. Those trems aren't worth the extra $225 from the string-through version.

EDIT: Btw its Made in Japan, probably Basswood body.

EDIT 2: Its a DR7, so its alder. Catalog says DR7T, but Im assuming thats a misprint, as T is the designation given to string-thru Akai/Fender era Jacksons.
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