Alright I am really excited. First night back at school in August I got trashed and threw up on my desk and it got on my phone, more specifically the charger. The charging port was totally corroded, like all green and ****. It wouldn't recharge. Luckily my phone has a pin charging port, so I got a new charger for that and it's been recharging fine. However, it has this problem where the slightest shock turns it off. I can't even walk around with the phone in my pocket because it turns off.

So tonight I was cleaning it and decided to scrape the corrosion off the battery terminals and by jove, this phone will not turn off any more!

I was very excited and had to post. :-)
yerp im sure ill add something amazing here some day.
better idea than that, when you get trashed, don't come home, throwing up on your desk is a dumb idea, what if it got on your computer.
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i put my phone through the washing machine... i killed the battery but the phone still works