lung cancer
I guess that's all there is to say about that.

she's 70 or something
but she's so lively.
I don't know why I'm writing,
I didn't cry.
it must not have been
that significant in my life.
but it's making me realize
why I hide the fact I write
it's disingenuous
and wholly insensitive.

I'll make up for it
when I go to New York
for Thanksgiving,
thanks, you ironic ****er.

lung cancer,
I'll make up for it
when I go to New York
to say goodbye.
she'll provide the weed
I'll provide the light
we can savor our lives.
well I liked it, I liked your bitterness and the empathy you created for the Protagonist, and how you ended it, the weed bit was... interesting, you smoke weed with your 70 year old grandmother? (i'm guessing grandmother, may be family friend, mother, whatever, just a guess) unless you simply mean tobacco, which leads itself VERY well to the lung cancer thought, giving away the reason for it. So well done man, great work

no complaints, even the repition was good.

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This just reminded me of the time that my brother in law texted his mom on the night after his wedding. All it said was "Consummated."
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