I made a website using some programme called Bluevoda but now I want to put it one the Net and it won't let me publish it cus I don't have a web hosting account or something funny like that. But now, with the BlueVoda programme you have to pay for the publishing account or something but I wanna do it for free cus I know there are ways getting free domain names. But I still wanna use the web page that I made on BlueVoda cus its bloody good and I don't want to have to make the whole thing again on a different programe. So can I use another domain name to publish my website and where can I get a free domain name that can be used on different programmes??? Woah, Im confused . . . sorry, I suck at this stuff!
you can get a free yourname.tk domain at www.dot.tk, with no hosting service which you must find. all the rest of your speech is pretty confused, if you write your page in standard html you can publish it everywhere
i've never used bluevoda, but im sure when you create webpages with it, it saves the web pages in html format. find these files (along with the image files, etc.) and upload them to a free website host. profit.
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you'll need 2 things for your website to be published:
1 - A domain name - e.g www.yoursite.com. These can be purchased or gotten for free, however the free ones will usually be like this www.yoursite.hostingsite.com

2 - Someone to host your site - like domain names, these can also be purchased or found for free. The free ones will almost always have a catch such as you having to have their advertising on your website and a low amount of bandwitch ect.

One website I have found that is very simple to use and has both free domain names and hosting is www.bravehost.com. Beware though that you will have to have their advertising on your site if you sign up for free.