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Even though the intro is an accidental rip-off of "The Drapery Falls", i rekon it gets its own identity after that, and is pretty cool sounding. There is supposed to be a vocal/lead melody, but i don't have one yet, hence the lack of melody throughout the song.

Oh yea, and the quality isnt crap to br 'grim' and 'kvlt', its the ****ty quality of myspace coupled with the average quality of the outcome of the song
awesome! i like the fact its actually well structured and not just someone showing how well they can shred!

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can i ask which scale its based around?

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Sure, and thanks again for the compliments. My music theory knowledge is pretty low, so the majority is pretty much the pentatonic (that really degrades the song ay? lol). It actually gets a bit weird in the solo, as i'm playing in Fminor pentatonic, when the chords and bass in the rhythm are in Bbminor (i'm assuming, because the root is that, and the chords revolve around the notes in the key). I'm sorry i really can't explain very well, but i did my best haha
nah thats cool man, nothing wrong with the pentatonic minor, takes nothing away from the song just like the fact that slash plays most of his music around the pentatonic scale(with a few notes added lol) and that takes nothing away from the guns n roses/velvet revolver catalogue!!! lol awesome mate keep it up!

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listening right now..
Lol, was listening to the wrong song

Yeah, really TDF intro ripp off, not a bad thing..
I can really hear the opeth in this song.. Wow dude..
Something mike could have written?

Is the bass also programmed?

And also nice morningrise/orchid style acoustic sound

What programms did you use for programming? And I really want some vocals

Great job bro!
Thanks alot! Yea, its a bit hard to deny the Opeth 'influence', especially if vocals were added, as the sections leave a lot of room for the growl->sing dynamic.

As for the recording, I wrote the whole thing on Guitar Pro, then imported the drums into "Drumkit From Hell", and the bass into "Reason", then recorded the guitars live. I think it acctually comes together surprisingly well, not having a obvious difference between the live and programmed instruments. It only really stands out in the bass-only sections, as there isnt any expressive techniques, its kinda every note played the same (well i guess thats what it is, so it should be expected lol).

Thanks again
REALLY enjoyed it. It actually sounds like it could be an Opeth song haha. You're quite talented.
That was Fucking epic!
I loved the lead part from aboot 2:30 to 2:45
Some delay would be nice for the softer rhythm.
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Listening....That's a pretty badass intro man. Nice. Guitars are all pretty tight. Ooooo acoustic guitar solo, i like! Drums are pretty good. Another section, palm muted distortion buildup, dang man...this is SICK! Back into the acoustic, bass solo. Man all this is great. You should definitely get a singer man. Outtro rhythm is badass. Dual acoustic guitar soloing is badass! ........I think I just came......ADDED! damn that was good lol I need a smoke.... haha

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That was seriously brilliant. Your a talented composer that's for sure, it's a really mature piece of music - pretty beautiful at times. Very reminiscent of the Morningrise era. I guess the only criticism would be that the structure is very clearly defined between sections and it could flow a little better, but then again that was my only criticism of aspects of the Morningrise album, so your certainly portraying numerous 'Opethian' characteristics in this piece. Overall, this was excellent. Despite the fact that the drums and bass were programmed you still managed to make the whole thing sound colossal and epic.
Awesome man. I really enjoyed this one..

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nice intro. very epic feeling. the acoustic lead in the intro sounds a bit off key perhaps? the distorted tones were awsome. the bass was kind of crappy sounding. proggrammed? the acoustic tones were awsome here. i indeed love this song. great job. vocals would be nice. i like the acoustic parts tons.

crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=11448221#post11448221
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Damn, that was REALLY good. You should try to make this a bit longer and add vocals.
I like the song you posted...also if I may ask, what equipment did you use to make primordium?
I love you guys hahaha

"I like the song you posted...also if I may ask, what equipment did you use to make primordium?"

I wrote/made it on Fruityloops studio 4, so theres absolutely no live instruments involved.

"What type of guitar u play?"

Electric was ESP EC-100QM through presets on a Line 6 Spider 212, Acoustic was a Cole Clark Fat Lady 2 (Australian brand)

Thanks alot again
**** man! you ****in' rock! that was freaking epic.
looking foward to hearing more of your stuff
hands down.
well done!!! very well written bass line, very nicely written drum parts, accented well with everything. i loved the clean tone and the little clean type solo, it had a nice feel to it. i wanna hear this defenitly with vocals, id like to see what kinda melody you put. the prog parts are well done, and your dynamic changes were well placed. the structure fits the prog metal structure, so kudos on that. i wish there a long, definite, distorted guitar solo, but thats just me :-[. epic ending as well, nice fade out

overall sweet job, really epic!

cfc? http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=714559
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

wow man that is amazing! im a huge dream theater/opeth fan and that was right down my alley. Keep rockin dude!!!!!!

by the way do you have this song tabbed out cos it would be great to learn this!

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I like it. The song reminds me very much of Opeth. If you had an album I might buy it.
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Wow, that was an amazing song. I think I'll download it and I hope you make more.
Hey man sick tunes!

Loved the dance one as well

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this sounds like something off of Opeth's morningrise, which is good in ways. I love opeth, i love the transition from cleans to heavy in their music, but I can't help but feel you are kind of ripping them off, whether or not you know it I'm not sure, but I can pick parts of different opeth songs and compare them very easily to a lot of riffs you are playing. You have great sound quality and good skill, just kinda upsetting that you are playing an opeth medley.
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I agree with you to an extent, the song definatly has a very strong Opeth feel (terrace dynamics, 'dark' feel), and the intro is very similar to "The Drapery Falls" (although that wasn't a concious steal, only realised afterwards), but I'd like to think the comparison ends there.

What other riffs do you think are from other songs? And i'm not saying this in defence, i'm genuinly interested.

Thanks for the comment dude