Hi, looking to get a new guitar soon, i have been really considering the ibanez RG1570, that and the Ibanez S series. I am in aus, so if i tell u how much i want to spend it wont mean much to u guys in the US, lets just say i want to spend maximum what an RG1570 costs.

Anyway i like playing metallica and other metal, but i want a guitar versatile to do most things, and mainly i just want a quality feeling guitar. Need a floyd rose or equivelent too. The only other thing is i like a big guitar, i had a epiphone SG, and the body was too small from top to bottom, had to bend over too much to play it, my strat had a good size body

Anyway, i am pretty keen on either the S620EQM or the RG1570, both very different guitars, but cant decide between them, anyway, what other guitars should i consider for this price range? I dont want a BC Rich or any other weird shaped guitars, cos i need to be able to play it sitting down,

Any advice would be great,
Jackson DKMG
Jackson DK2
Jackson DK2M
Washburn X40Pro

Thats a few others to look at, I like the Ibanez RG series also. But I'm very partial to Jackson guitars.

EDIT: NVM about the Washburn
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ibanez xiphos best looking guitar in the world!!!!

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i got a rg1570, sweet guitar. go with it

EDIT: also, id look at the RG220A if i were you, it costs a lot more but my god... i have the distinct disadvantage of being a lefty, so my choice is severely limited by the fact they don't make em for my types, but the 220A is a seriously beautiful guitar
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i had a look at the 220a but it was double the price of the 1570. I had a look at those guitars, how come the jacksons and the washburn x40 are almost half the price of the 1570? where are they made?
i have an rg 350 mdx. i love it!

i would also look at carvin guitars (unless you cant get a grand together) they are made to order direct from factory, and play like a high end prs (only better) im looking at a ctm myself, and am probably going to buy it as soon as i can raise the cash.