ive been offline for the last week or so, it all started when i switched to talktalk!

first of all i had problems with my password, so i got it changed...still having issues authenticating with there servers so i call tech. support and they say they will test my username and password....which takes them feking 48hours....what kind of engineer needs that amount of time to do something so simple!!?

so i call them up, since they didnt call me back. i guess they havent been through the picking up the phone and dialing training yet! they tell me everything is fine with my password and username...i tell them i know that its alright...the problem is with the authentaction process...few minutes silence while phone operator looks up authentication on google....she tells me she can try the password again!

4 hours later they call me back...they tell me that the username and password is fine i tell them that its more than likely going to be the local exchange, so they send an engineer down to check it out...this could take 3 days they say, im assuming it will take 2 days for the engineer just to find the place!

anyway soo this morning i ring up and im waiting for 30+ minutes...while im doing this i mess about with the modem and change it from PPPoA to PPPoE and the thing works

hmm so it has took them 5 days, they have changed my username password, tested it, sent engineers out the local exchange and at the end of the day it was using the wrong type of encapsulation!!

im happy...but kind of pissed lol

any one else had bad encounters with ISP's?
If you know so much about how to do their jobs, why didn't you just fix it yourself?
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becuase PPPoE is usually never used its always PPPoA...

talktalk bought onetel out, so i switched from onetel to talktalk and i assumed i would be connect through the same hardware (PPPoA)...

its the fact that none of the help desk staff knew i should use PPPoE, they even made sure i was using PPPoA.

Edit:: i use to work in a call center, for apple...and even though it wasnt my job to fix internet connection *unless apple's hardware was at fault* i still knew how to do basic trouble shooting and go a little deeper than what lvl 2 support staff and engineers know over at talktalk!
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Dunno if your experience counts as a problem with the ISP. If they had just told you to read the manual everything would have been ok within 10 minutes.
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lol it didnt come with a manual....and also the default settings for the modem are PPPoA...so i dunno what was going on...but it works now so im happy lol

ill probably get a call back next tuesday and say they have tested the username and password and it works fine
i NEVER call tech suport, cuz they are never techs and know nothing about nothing ¬¬

google can solve problems 1000x faster =P
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