Well I just start playing in the church band as well as the youth band so I'm playing there wednesday nights, sunday mornings and soon to be sunday nights. I am there for practice tuesday night and thursday night. So I'm gonna just leave my amp there and buy more of a practice amp. Now I still want a good amp just has to be $500 and under. I play mostly with distortion/OD, alot of soloing and I need a good punk rythme tone(think Propagandhi, look them up before you say that punk sucks and you can use any tone) on the solo tone think steve vai.....Anyways it has to be decent wattage as well I might need it for band practice every now and then. But if its a little over powered by the drums thats alright sound quailty comes first. Good cleans are nice aswell but the distortion/OD tone definately comes first. Oh and I play mostly out of an Ibanez RG1570 w/Evo bridge pickup.
Roland Cube 30 or 60.
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Do any of you know about the Peavey Mini Collosal or even the Valveking?
What kind of music do you play?
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alot of different types of rock.....I said I need a Vai like lead tone and propagandhi rythme tone......
Don't get the Line 6, I speak from experience. The Peavey Mini Collosal is an alright amp, not hugely great. For a decent all round tone go for the Roland cube 30.
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^It's too bad the Line 6 Spider line just sounds bad. Anything more than the 15 watt combo would be a bad idea.

The Spider III sounds fine to me, just as long as you dont get one below the 75, the ones below the 75 suck ass and have no tuner + presets. Spiders are great for practice alone, or with friend, but NOT gig worthy.
wow ive heard so extremely bad things about the spider, that im going to the musicstore and try it one day...
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^^Well, see 75 watts cost a lot more, and is a wattage that IS gig-worthy. I see a lot of bands these days using them at local shows. It's unbearable, sometime, to see what kind of sounds they dial in...

Anything more than the 15 is mostly a waste of money. Why would you buy a 75 watt or 120-whatever watt Spider, when spending in that range puts you into the range of some very good tube combos?

And it may sound fine to you - but to more discerning ears, it fails.
^Ever played a spider I(Yes, one)?
I did. There has been one sitting in a local music store ever since it opened. This made the spider II sound heavenly.

But... Roland cube I guess.
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They're okay. There's other good amps in the price range.

Here's the thing about your dilemma : Vai and Propaghandi are two very different tones. Many of the amps you're going to be looking at will maybe do one of the other better, or maybe (without pedals or anything) neither.
When it comes down to it, you'll have to make a compromise: You can't sound like a punk rock band, and sound like Vai with the same amp (in your budget, at least...).

Here's one suggestion: Since you'll need it to get over drums, something like a Palomino V16, and a ProCo Rat. The Rat will do your punk sounds.