hey man, We are a new band, looking for a very experienced drummer whose into bands like foo fighters and lost prophets. I will explain more on msn or anything, do you have msn? if so add me on dan_skaterboy666@hotmail.com

Well I already have a potentially brilliant band formed, but we are situated in Torbay in South Devon. Although with 12 1/2 years experience - You're probably not young right? (So you presumably have means of transport) - And this band would be an awesome situation for you to showcase 12 1/2 years of experience. Best thing to do is email me - a7fsoad@hotmail.co.uk.

P.S. - By the way our music is really diverse, a mix of everything, so essentially its Progressive Rock/Metal (like DT, Genesis, Spocks Beard etc.) with Symphonic Metal influences (Symphony X, Nightwish, Within Temptation) etc, and all sorts of other influences (Muse, Opeth, all sorts of stuff). It's all pretty technical and very original (e.g. song structures are never verse-chorus-bridge orientated, We incorporate loads of exotic scales and unusual key changes into songwriting, and we are not afraid to experiment with all kinds of styles and influences, within reason (e.g. I can't death metal scream or do any other distorted vocals, although probably will be able to do when i'm older (17 at the moment), although all of the band are very technically proficient for our age (average age 17))
By the way, I'm Ben, band founder, currently the main songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist/current lead vocalist
(Where I have put current, I mean, these things may change e.g - I like songwriting input from everyone else and may not be main songwriter in the future, and I am not a REALLY good vocalist so the vocalist could potentially change, although I will still perform guitar duties ).
A7XS oad