Well, This just started off as a fingerpicking thing, but I made it into a full song. Please don't mind the vocals/lyrics I need to revise them so, Mute them if you wish. Crit For Crit. Leave a link.

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I liked this a lot, I am very impressed with your instrument arrangement and composition. You just gotta do this in real life and use real vocals, the only thing holding this track back is the flute vocals. Also the random really fast parts don't catch me, but overall it was a really nice listen .

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you seem pretty insecure about singing mr. "key" and hiding behind your computer to create your vocals for you. I'd say grow a pair first, then start making music so that the truth will come out.
^...oh here we go.
first off, it's guitar pro. You can't import actual vocals into an midi program.
Second, we're in the tabs and chords forum. Not vocals. (not like there is a vocal forum) so stop saying I'm "hiding behind my computer" for posting on a forum when you're doing the same.

Sorry if your Music is out of key and I find your clean chord, mute, chord, mute basic rhythm to be absolutly boring.

Also, Stop it with your "grow a pair" macho attitude. Not a good way to promote your band.
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ignore the tosspot mate - overall it's a solid composition but again, I don't really get the random fast sweeps/picked part at the end of the solo and the other odd fast bit. To be honest it'd suit the song better to leave them out. I had to turn the flute off after a while as it's so damn annoying but proper vocals would obviously fix that. The only other thing I could suggest would be to put some keyboard chords (string ensemble 1) under it towards the end - give it an epic little ending feel. Nice to see something that isn't ridiculously fast or heavy on the forum. Keep it up
its a very good song. it'd be quite impressive playing it as its all clean. a lot of musicians wouldnt dare touching songs clean unless they were just chords.