The tab I submitted has a grey "D" next to it, does that mean its denied? If it is..why? My tab is 100% accurate and I have the entire song tabbed out. Thanks!
Yep, D means declined.
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I submitted a tab for seethers "fake it". Every tab up thus far is pretty bad, I've known how to play the song for a while but never bothered to put it up. I've watched live videos of Seether playing live and I'm using the same chords, and the solo for the song is accurate. Sorry, but I really dont understand this. Thanks for the help guys.
they ussually email you saying if yuor tab has been acceptedf or denied
so idk

you are 100% wrong, you get nothing, No reason what so ever....
I posted a tab for a song called "Come you little son" an Irish folk song and it was denied, The song is a simple 3 chords song with 3 verses, It would have been the 1st time this song was posted and it was denied, I sent UG a link to the Artists website who sang the song 4 times and it was still denied, All I want to know is why, I will keep on asking until I get an answer...
D means denied, UG usually send you an email saying why, usually it is because the tab is too similar to a version that's already up, or there is too many tabs for that song already.

Better luck next time, sorry about that.
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.