I recently got into making my own music, however I have found that often when I use drum loops say at 4/4 somehow they don't really match up with the rhythm of the song. (this is mainly because I didn't bother finding out what time signature my song was in.)

I know how time signatures work but I never bothered with them when writing music.

Should I plan ahead what time signature I plan on using and stick with it or should I just be consistent with my rhythm?
come up with your idea and just tap your foot and use that.
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You don't neccessarily need to plan ahead because that may stifle your creativity, but I would recommend going back through afterward and find the time signature of each part. I would recommend making changes if every second measure there seems to be a time signature change though.
You don't necessarily need to plan ahead but you need to figure out your time signature and any changes that occur in the song if you want to back it with drums afterwards.
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Hmm i think your right, I will have to go back and redo some drum parts.

Thanks for the advice.
yeah man, I mean I change time signatures sometimes, but as long as you know how it's supposed to sound it's all good.
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