okay well i need some opinions on what half stacks i should look at. i have a peavey bandit 112 and its been holding up fine but im looking for a little more. plus, i can barely play a venue with it since it 'hisses' like hell when you turn up the volume above 1/4. i have a budget of around $800 canadian but i can probably go a hundred or so above that. i play progressive,metal, heavey metal, i dunno, i guess im looking for a versitile half stack. thanks in advance.
A hugely important and helpful tip - don't go for a half-stack unless it's absolutely necessary (I.E. the amp you want only comes in head form). Try a Randall RG50TC combo.
well, if i could help you, i would, but what's wrong with the one you have now??? and if there is something really wrong, save up as much money as you can...and BUY AN AWESOME AMP!!! and you could get one for my violin too!!!
What about a Laney GH100L and a good cab?

Edit - I also hear good things about Peavy 5150's.
im really thinking of getting a 5150 (of course im going to test it out before i buy) i jsut want to know how they are with white noise? like my amp can barely be mic'd since it gives off so much white noise even with lower gain.