I just cant do it..I've watched tonnes of video tutorials, read articles on it, even watched someone..tried to string my guitar various times and failed everytime and ended up waisting a lot of time, effort and money....and i always snap the string from it wearing out from me trying so many times to get it round the tuning peg correctly. I may as well give up the guitar because I cant string one. I cant take it to the shop cause they financially raped me last time I took it into get stringed.. £40 and they took 2 weeks to string it.. pretty disgusting..why does everyone say its so easy? sure.. everything is easy until you get to the tuning peg.. then u need to do some thing where you put it in, twist it around. leave slack.. bla bla.. it doesnt work for me....why cant i just put it through the peg and turn that would be easy.. but the rest just messes me up
£40 wtf?!?!?

Its a quid a string where i go and they'll be happy to do it in store if u need it doing, taking about an hour at most lol

who do you get to restring it...Tony Blair
Wrap the string around about twice and put it though the hole on the peg.
if you seriously can't string it try this method, wrap the string around the peg once, and then through, then pull tight. then just turn the tuners like you normally would. buy and use a tuner if you don't have one.
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I usually just put it through the hole and turn.
Kinda have to hold it in place till it gets bent nice and tight though, and it could fall off with de tuning.
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It's all about how long you cut the string and how good you crimp it. I've never tried one but you also might benefit from one of those planet waves winding tools.

but to get the right length, pull the whole string through, grab it at the 12, and pull it up to where the peak is a few inches off the frets, then cut it at the peg.

then put a tiny bend at the end, stick it through, and get a friend to help if you have to, hold the string flat while winding and try to use a finger or a friend's hand to keep the string on the tuning peg in place.
jondy, are you serious?

dude, just put it through the hole,, pulling it hand tight, then back it out about two inches (for slack) then turn it one rotation allowing the slack part go under the first rotation, then on the next rotation (and every other) the slack goes over, and keep cranking it! its very very easy and this gives a very professional tight wrap.
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I've had my guitar a few months, never re-stringed it or even seen it done, but i did it myself and its not hard. i wrapped it around 2-3 times, put it through the hole and when you tighten it, turn it a half turn of the tuner, put your finger under the string about halfway down the length of the string and pull it away from the guitar (not too tightly) to get the string to stretch a bit so it wont snap straight away, keep doing that until its close to in tune, then tune it properly. You might need to tune it a few times as the strings settle properly, i did about 3 times.
its pretty simple, i put it thru my guitar take it to the peg and turn, i tune it and cut off slack using a wire cutter leaving a little stup stickin out
Just a note to everyone reading and posting in this thread. If you are wrapping the string around the peg first, then putting the end through the hole and finally tightening up to tune, this is the WRONG way to restring. By doing it this way, you have no overlaping wrap with which to lock the string onto the tuning peg. Everyone, please just go to the following site and check out how it's supposed to be done. Done properly, the string won't slip once tuned up, thereby staying in tune. Don't cut the string until after it's tuned back up either. Some people don't cut the excess off at all. BB King never does, he just wraps the loose end into a loop and leaves it there.
Here's the link:

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£40 wtf?!?!?

Its a quid a string where i go and they'll be happy to do it in store if u need it doing, taking about an hour at most lol

who do you get to restring it...Tony Blair

mannn.. I cant believe the stupid store in Glasgow charge that price. I am sooo annoyed that I paid that now. For 40 pound I could of bought about 8 packs of strings, and surley within that 8 packs I would finally get how to do it.