does anyone know what harmonies the Beatles used in their vocals?

im sure it was different alot.. but im also sure it was similar more often..

if someone can give me a song(s) name and then each part (john paul AND george) that would help tons.

or possibly theres a site or link i could be clicking?
Because. It's the classic Beatles harmony. If you can master that song, you can do pretty much any harmony.
Probably diatonic 3rds or 4ths, but they were probably written by ear rather than theory.
No, but I believe they form chords. So look up the chords of the song and then sing each pitch in the chord. A lot of bands do that. If not the chord than the root/fifth/octave.
the beatles were best known for never writing the same song twice... you may find two or three songs that use a similar vocal harmony, but they usually made a point to do something new every time they could... the other thing to consider is that they were mad scientists in the studio... they did all kinds of weird things to their tracks after recording, and they would frequently try to blend other instruments into their harmonies to fill out the sound...

as people said, it's best to just look up the chords and expriment yourself...
http://www.icce.rug.nl/~soundscapes/DATABASES/AWP/awp-notes_on.shtml Analysis of pretty much every original song ever recorded by the Beatles.
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