Right, so I am planning on getting an Ibanez RG for Christmas. My budget is 300 GBP (Approx $630), could probably stretch just a little over if it's worth it. Anyway, I was just wondering if I've made the right choice. The neck is very nice, I've played a few in Guitar shops, and I would want one similar. I would also like it to have a locking trem on it or Floyd Rose. Could I get an overall better guitar for the money?

And, while I'm here, I'm also planning on getting a Fender Acoustic after Christmas if I get enough money. I've read a few reviews and it seems pretty good, but the same applies for this one, Is it worth the money? Thanks
People are generally not a fan of the Edge III trem, and I tend to agree with them. It's not made of the hardiest material.

That Fender has a laminated top. You can get better in the price range.

I've also always been a fan of getting a normal acoustic and then buying an aftermarket pickup for it if you want to plug it in; the pickups in cheaper acoustic/electrics sound terrible.

Lemme peruse GAK a little bit .

EDIT: Takamine G220S-NS

Washburn D10S

Yamaha GF730S

EDIT x2: Ibanez S-320
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If you are just starting, I can not help but not recommend a floyd rose, I mean they are really cool and fun, but if you wanted to fool around with different tuning, you will need to loosen the allen bolts on the nut and tune down, then fine tune, they do up the allen bolts, it just seems like more of a hassle then its worth, I would recommend a shecter or a jackson with a set bridge, Damien 6 get rave reviews, I know the tempest's are very nice guitars. But I mean if you are set on a floyd then definately rock that guitar, if not then just save your pennies and pick up something even better.