For anyone who has gotten the upgrade for it...what is the maximum amount of songs the SLVR could hold? I looked on the website but it didn't say an exact amount of songs.
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because the amount of songs something can hold depends on it's bitrate, filesize and format- i hate it when people say "yeah this can hold 5000 songs" because you can't measure it exactly
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Well does it say on the website the amount it can hold in Gigabytes?
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Up to 512MB or removable transflash memory

512MB....that dosent sound like a lot of songs.
"Imagine all the people, sharing all the world"
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Actually, stock, it is limited by number of songs, not just space. The database isn't allowed more than 100 entries. I found this out the hard way, after loading about 150 songs to it (1/3 of my songs weren't available to play).

It's really not worth it, unless this upgrade puts an end to the database limiters.
the phone memory can hold like 5 songs or almost like 30 megs dependinf on carrier and model. with a tf card about 512 will hold 75 198 kb/s four minute songs. or somethi garound that.
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