Hi there

I'm new here, and first i introduce myself a bit.
I started playing the guitar a couple of weeks ago, after being a bass player for many years in lots of (swiss) bands... so I get on quite well, especially because i found this page (which thaught me everything! (i know by now)).

I only have one problem... I searched the whole web for Chords from the very very nice song "marigolds" from Glenn Phillips.
I hope there is some genious mind out there, which is able to do this for me, I simply can't :/.
For those who want to try it, i uploaded the song here, so you don't have to search it:

It doesn't depend what you give me, whether chords or the tabs he does.
of course i'd prefer both of them, so i could check them out seperatly... but one thing would be enough.

I hope someone could help me, I'd be so happy.

thanks in advance