Poll: How Long Is Your D!CK?
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size of an battery
3 10%
size of a pencil
2 7%
size of a cigar
8 27%
size of a flash light
8 27%
size of an object that is so big it can't be measured
7 23%
i don't have one...vaginas ftw!
2 7%
Voters: 30.
that's right, boys!

How long is your shlong (in cm / inches or by comparing it to an object)?

Be honest, it's funnier that way!

If you are a girl, well, tell us about the funniest "size" issue you've ever come across (no pun intended).

let the "lolz u NewBSS I gotz 30 !inchez of LuvinGG! lolz!!!!111!!!!!one!! BEGIN!

edit: to the dudes who compare themselves to the search bar: searched but didn't find anything, your placing your d!ck on the screen worries me so...


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18 cm.. my gf mesured it a few days ago


What's up with the fascination of other men's penises that's going on here anyway...?
how about you go first?
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im sure george michael would love this thread.

to thread starter, why are you fascinated with other people schlongs? dont be a moe.
this will fail.

why dont you just google cocks and save us all the forum space.
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lol nice
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size of an battery

What kind of battery? AAA, AA, C, D, a car battery??!!?
size of a flash light

The smaller, pocket ones; or a huge, 3 million candlespower one?
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I can't imagine that this thread will last too long.


Do you work in the film industry?

I said I have a vagina.
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True story.