im not sure about my lyrics...i have an odd perspective on things....what do you think?

crazy eyes crawl
through the spider webs
and the fingertips
and a shifting smile follows, you,
tracing the path that you have, beaten
to the ground, oh,

timeless water-walking
and talk of the better time
for an end to be this good
it must of taken all of life...

What could It take to
keep dust from our eyes
I could be an object
in your space and time
ill be a project, prophet
of her intergalactic design.

What is money
nothing, worth my time
what is infamy,
can it rule my life?
what is prejudice?
Can I be the wrong, so right
beginning to see the meaning
with helping hands to lend

a thirst for the neck
leads to out of body flavor
quenched with revenge
in taking all of our neighbors
and when your fool
can learn to treat us,
to a silent picture show
how we invite them
the silence in success
when they will know
when the life becomes death.

What could it take
to keep the dust from our eyes
I could be an object, the ringmaster
of the pictures in the sky
ill be a child and the holy sacrifice
ill be the moment, we'll be the only,
ones to ever find...
to ever find....

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