i tried it and i didnt bar but i did go really slow. lol.
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dude use the fingering above, it'll take some time to get it down, not long, just take it slow with a metronome and get comfy and than start picking the tempo up
you go 1-4 on the E string and 4-3-2 on the B string, just shift the pattern up, start slow then build up speed
On the first note of every string lol. Its even on the tab as the line above the numbers.
EDIT: So you pick the first note on that string, and legato the next two.
This little pattern isn't all that hard once you get used to where to put your fingers. You just have to take it slow. I don't bar it, I just start off slow and play really high up on the neck so I don't have to stretch at all and then just play it over and over until I can get it up to speed or beyond. Once I can do it for example A-C-A (17-20-17 on the high e string) and then G-F#-F (20-19-18 on the B string) then I move down to the 12th position and start to work on it. For me it isn't too hard but then again, I do legato exercises for about 15-20 minutes straight everyday so I am exceptional at hammer-ons and pull-offs.