there will be differences depending on where the wah is in the chain, but it will be up to you to decide where you like it. id generally say put it after the distortion, but it doesn't really matter all that much. you're probably thinking of a talkbox, which is different from a wah because you need a mic to operate it. you can however get voice-like sounds with a wah, just fool around with it, experiment with how fast you sweep through the range of the pedal, and how much you sweep.
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Carlos Santana has a lot of music with the wah wah pedal. "White Room" by Cream also has wah usage.
dude, wah , distortion then amp works for me but everyone has thier own thing (remember , there are no rules in rock!!!)

my advice is to beginning the wah 'chug' at the start of voodoo chile, this will help with your foot and hand rythym patterns . then try any by B.L.S ! keep rockin.
If you want some easy solos that use the Wah, look at some of Bullet for my Valentine's songs. Really easy solos, yet they still sound awesome and a few make good use of a wah. Try songs like Suffocating under Words of Sorrow, Tears Don't Fall, and Her Voice Resides. If you want something a little harder, the solo in Trivium's Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation is awesome, yet not TOO hard, and uses a wah.

EDIT: Ohh, and there are plenty of awesome Guns and Roses songs that have sweet wah in the solos.
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"There are plenty of awesome Guns and Roses songs that have sweet wah in the solos."

Beat me to it.
when using a wah, the hardest thing to incorporate is the actual rocking movement of the pedal while playing. start practicing simple things with your wah. what helped me was syncing the wah with the movement of the bass drum (or if playing by yourself move the wah as if you were tapping your foot to the beat) after i got that down i started playing around with longer sweeps of the pedal over a tapping riff.

even though you cant actually see the pedal in this vid, this helped me understand the Slash style of wah technique
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Shredhead's advice is the best in the thread.

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Voodoo child & machine gun - hendrix
Some RHCP (shes only 18 - pretty fun to play)
Metallica solos
Sweet Child o mine
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Dude just screw around with it...I did and I came up with some nice riffs and solos.
Be sure to try the "seagull" trick. Put the input cable into the output and the output cable into the input, crank your guitar's volume, and fool around with it. It's what Gilmour used for the weird sounds during the middle section of "Echoes".
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Be sure to try the "seagull" trick. Put the input cable into the output and the output cable into the input, crank your guitar's volume, and fool around with it. It's what Gilmour used for the weird sounds during the middle section of "Echoes".

haha yea man! and you know the story behind that? david was doing a show somewhere and wanted to use his wah and all that came out where those sounds. turns out he accidentally reversed the cables on setup. the rest is history as they say
in one of the suburban rythem parts by reel big fish they do a disco type version and they use a wah pedal i would assume
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So some questions…
Is there any difference between distortion>>wah>>amp and wah>>distortion>>amp??
What about talkwah effect?
Could you explain the basics?

Place the wah at the start of your effects chain and you will get a more subtle effect. Place the wah at the end of the effects chain and it will quack like a duck!
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Well just some wah advice...
Make wah motions with your mouth and you'll find that you get a better wah sound. Seriously it helps. Press down on the aaaaa bit and roll it back on the wwwwwwa bit.

Heaps of chilis songs use wah also.
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Needle and the Spoon by Lynyrd Skynyrd, great wah solo, and I can send you the tabs from my book if you want them.
Godsmack-Faceless. Tony Rombola uses the Wah for the whole song.
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Well let’s do this way…
Just create a thread with the name of the band in our wah group.
Than add there songs with wah of that band.
The others if know any song from that band just post replies with the song name.
The thread creator who got the first post with song name will add these songs in his first
Post in that thread… after, I will delete the other posts in with the names in that thread
So the only post will be the first with all the songs…
And I need a moderator for the group to help me.

Oh and note: the list of first post which will include all the songs of that band must be ordered with numbers
Something I have have found interesting with my 95Q is to push on the pedal slowly and you can find some sweet tones. I have found a really sweet sounding tone with the pedal slightly rocked from heel position running through a Tube Screamer and my amp in the cleanest setting.