Hello,how can I stick my pedal to the pedal board but in a way that I can take of the pedal from the board easily and briefly ???


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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

my entire intereior of my pedal board is the carpety velcro stuff =]

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

thanks but I'm from Israel and there is no sucj thing as velcro here....anybody from isreal that knows whats it called here ?
You know that stuff on kids shoes? That they have instead of laces 'coz they can't tie them yet. Yup.
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ohhhh scotch? but does regualer scotch last for long?
man not to sound stupid but, you def could have answered that yourself man, there was no need to make a post dont you think.
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I know NASA came up with the Velcro brand and the generic name is "hook and loop" but I have never heard it called scotch....interesting. In the US, we have scotch that you drink and have scotch-tape, but no hook and loop (or Velcro) called scotch. Cultural differances are interesting.

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I use the heavy duty/industrial strength velcro from Lowes. This stuff has bite and will not let go unless forced...no slipping .

Take a look...


Course, this is if you are in the US.


Haha, Lowes in Australia is so completely different. It's a cheap clothes shop that all the seniors go to buy clothes because they don't wanna spend their money and demand seniors discounts on $5 items.

But I also use Industrial Strength velcro. It is a bit too strong because once I pulled it off and the carpet came off the pedalboard instead! But Industrial strength velcro is the way to go. Get small strips and stick them to the bottom of your pedal then away you go.
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My pedalboard is just carpeted, and the hook end of the Velcro just sticks right to it well.

You really are stupid if you just use tape, it's so inefficient.