it there that much differance between an licenced floyd rose and a normal floyd rose ?
Well a licensed one is a copy with minr changes usually, however Original Floyds are not always the best.
licensed floyd roses aren't top quality and are more known to go out of tune when using whammy or just go out of tune in general. normal/original are the better quality kind and most better guitars use them, they don't go out of tune often so there better. this is just personal experience. In other words:

Most Licensed = crap
Original/normal = yummy goodness
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OMG let me clarify a few things:

Nearly all licensed floyd rose's suck. Only the Edge Pro, Lo-Pro, Zero Resistance and Schaller RF are good. (there may be a few more high-end models which I dont know of).
Its all taste. To say nearly Licensed Floyds Suck is ignorant.

Schaller/Jackson JT590
Ibanez Edge/Lo Pro

All high quality licensed trems that are on par with an OFR in terms of quality.

In general though, licensed trems use cheaper materials and finishes. some hold up pretty well (Jackson JT580s from Pre-Akai era and the JT580s on MG and Pro series now) while others leave something to be desired (Edge IIIs, lots of the trems on cheaper guitars like Kramers). A good rule of thumb is if it looks cheap, it probably is.
CJRocker, I already said that only the high-end licensed models are good, naming a few examples...
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CJRocker, I already said that only the high-end licensed models are good, naming a few examples...

I just thought that statement in question suggested that only ones that are good are big name. Jackson JT580s as mentioned are good, Washburnsh ave solid units, as do the ones I've used on some older Squiers and Fenders surpisingly. As for the DK2, the ones on the older DK2s with Duncan Designed are inconsistent. Some are in good shape, but others are worn. They used a cheaper metal on the baseplate then the modern ones with Seymour Duncans and the strengthened baseplate