it is completly nolife job. i hate it more than anything else it's totally redicilious
paintball is better, airsoft dont hurt at all... no adrenaline when playin... did go a few times with a group of ppl though...
woowoo airsoft represent. i havent played in like a year i miss it so much.
Paintball FTW! paint ball is much more realistic! The only thing that airsoft has on paintball is the look and feel of the weapons which i admit is pretty cool. Other than that playing airsoft is only fun in a large indoor environment!
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How is paintball more realistic then this?
Granted those guys are huge nerds

.......... you can't be serious.

Imo, if you want an adrenaline rush from firing a gun, then go to war. if you want to have fun, go paintballing though. it's better than airsoft by far
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I'm not saying I would do that but some people obviously do and it is more realistic then paintball. It does look fun as hell though.
You can't exactly play paintball in the middle of town like we do with airsoft. If you miss(which happens frequently, let me assure you) and a paintball hits a house, it's vandalism. Accident or not. Plus, airsoft is a much cheaper hobby. When I started paintball, I got a warning which I didn't realize the extent of at the time. I was told "Welcome to the world's most expensive sport." Damn straight it is. Paintball is more fun, but airsoft is more suited to my most-used playing area.
I was gonna start airsoft,but then i bought an air rifle...So much more fun...
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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day