i was at sam ash the other day and saw the Hartke MGT60P Piggy Back there. i am looking for a new amp, since i have a bass amp but play more guitar.

does anybody know anything about this amp? i didnt get a chance to play it so i dont really know how it sounds. It seemed pretty damn cheap and didnt look too bad,but i really dont know much about amps.

any info about this amp is appreciated.


Well, for the price that your looking at with that amp, i'd recommend you save a little bit more and look into tube amps - what sort of music do you play and do you play any gigs or just a home player?
i play rock most of the time. zeppelin, floyd, ac/dc, you know?

im also just a home player, but that doesnt mean volume would be an issue. the amp i have now is 360W and i crank that sometimes, so im not really looking for a small amp for the corner of the room.