HI i've been playing almost 2 years and lately have been noticing that no matter how slow i start out i always feel like im putting strain on my frettin hand and am worryed about hurting my hand as guitar is my passion in life. i dont know if its my hand position or what..... im at a loss ive tryed slowing down using less pressure and a more relaxed hand but i still feel like its being strained.

I'd appreciate any help or advice and btw my hands are slightly shaky constantly i dont know if that would matter but i thought id include all the variables. Thanks in advance for everyones help.
With as little pressure as you possibly can use, fret a string. Now do the same
with a hammer on and pulloff. Assuming you did that correctly, I'd guess you noticed
it doesn't really take much force at all.

That's pretty much the ideal level of force to use because it almost always puts you
in the best possible position to play the next note. That's why playing should not
be much of a strain at all. Most likely you're using way too much force.

Try relaxing your fretting arm. Let the weight of your arm apply most of the force
for you.
Thats what im not understanding ill sit and play for an hour warmups, scales or songs using the least amount of pressure i can, and recently i just keep feeling like im huting the muscles and i dont want to do that. And since all this my playing has gone to crap im almost paranoid to play because i dont want to hurt my arm
Try adjusting your position. Do you hold your guitar on your left or right leg? Are you hunched over your guitar? Does the fretboard point almost away from you? Do you use a footstool?
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generally i play sitting on my bed or standing, i dont believe i hunch over very much but i hold my guitar pointing at about 9 0'clock resting on my right leg.
mess with the height of the guitar, my wrist use to be in a lot of pain until i raised it extremely and now it hasnt hurt at all

also some things to try to relax your hand ive done:

1. just drop your left hand next to you, relax your shoulders(where most of your tension will come from), relax every muscle in your hand, then bring your hand up, and DONT PUSH ON THE NECK WITH YOUR THUMB, thats something ive learned from taking classical, i mean it will happen regardless, but try to minimize any pressure from your thumb

2. play notes, but dont actually play them, for instance, pick a riff, i like to play part of the the troopers solo by maiden, but i play each note as if it were a harmonic, and i do it extremely slowly, so the notes dont even ring, but it gets you use to that feeling of using just enough pressure to barely get the note

3. try playing with your guitar on your left leg
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